The smartphones battle for the best handset is high these days, and Google is not afraid to throw in a fight. They have released the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL and sadly they’re not much of a contention to the other brands’ flagships. Unique but less than attractive design, no headphone jack nor card slots, and a price tag that is too high for the specs making the Pixel 2 & 2 XL ratings to be lower than expected. Google must step it up if they want to be in the game.


Checkout Google Pixel 2 ratings & Google Pixel 2 XL ranking roundup. 


Current Top Rated Phones 2017  from Experts & Critics

RankChangePhoneOverall RatingTotal Expert ReviewReleased
1-Galaxy S8 top
Samsung Galaxy S8
2+2Galaxy S8 plus top
Samsung Galaxy S8 plus
3NewOnePlus 5T top
OnePlus 5T
4-2Apple iPhone X90.29%28Nov-2017
5-2Huawei Mate 10 Pro89.48%21Nov-2017
6-1Samsung Galaxy Note 889.43%37Sep-2017
7-1Xiaomi Mi 687.18%11Apr-2017
8-1Huawei Honor 987.06%18Jun-2017
9-1HTC U1186.35%37Jun-2017
10+1Samsung Galaxy S8 Active86.27%11Aug-2017
11-2LG G685.67%43Apr-2017
12-2OnePlus 585.66%35Jun-2017
13-1Apple iPhone 8 Plus85.38%32Sep-2017
14- Motorola Moto G5 Plus84.00%26Mar-2017
15-2LG V3083.95%21Sep-2017
16-1 Huawei P10 Plus83.94%17Apr-2017
17-1 Huawei Honor 8 Pro83.78%18Apr-2017
18NewHuawei Honor 7X83.64%11Dec-2017
19-2Google Pixel 2 XL83.34%29Oct-2017
20-2Google Pixel 282.96%28Oct-2017

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– Ratings shown are compiled & aggregated average ratings review from Experts / Critics  (NOT from Users/Voters).
– A Phone must have at least 10 critics review to be in the list, and released within the stated year.
– Sites with multiple reviews of same phone but different carrier, the highest rating will be counted.

 Latest Review from Various Sites

PhoneSite RateReview DateReview page
OnePlus 5T3.7/512-Dec-17 Tech.firstpost.com
Xiaomi Mi Mix 24.5/512-Dec-17 Trustedreviews.com
Apple iPhone X4.5/511-Dec-17 techadvisor.co.uk
BlackBerry Motion3/511-Dec-17 Digitaltrends.com
OnePlus 5T5/511-Dec-17 Recombu.com
OnePlus 5T4.5/511-Dec-17 techadvisor.co.uk
Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact4/511-Dec-17 V3.co.uk
HTC U11 Life3/58-Dec-17 Trustedreviews.com
Huawei Honor 7X5/58-Dec-17 Expertreviews.co.uk
Huawei Honor 7X8/108-Dec-17 tomsguide.com
Huawei Mate 10 Pro5/58-Dec-17 alphr.com
Motorola Moto X43.7/58-Dec-17 Tech.firstpost.com
Apple iPhone X3.5/57-Dec-17 Knowyourmobile.com
BlackBerry Motion4.5/57-Dec-17 Knowyourmobile.com
Huawei Mate 108.4/107-Dec-17 Cnet.com