It’s the new iPhone 8 plus, a same good new phone that isn’t much of a leap from the previous iPhone. The iPhone 8 plus does have some nice improvements here & there, but that is just not enough anymore. Lacking innovations, the ratings from critics of iPhone 8 plus is only above average and it is nowhere near the top 5 best phones of the year. Evidently as for now Apple is no longer in the spotlight, and we sure do not want it that way.



Samsung is looking for a redemption that was caused by the Galaxy Note 7’s phenomenal flop. Pushing forward to improve the Note series, Samsung has promised and made darn sure that the Note 8 will be one of the best phone ever to date. It certainly seems like they delivered it because Galaxy Note 8 is indeed might just be the best phone of 2017. Critics are giving terrific scores, the phone is creating an explosion around the web, and we mean that in a good way.


Huawei Honor 9, a fabulous phone. So fab that it is getting great ratings from critics around the web and the ranking is now only second to the Galaxy S8 duo. If you’ve never cared about Huawei, and we think most people do, then now is the best time to. Because the Honor 9 looks sleek in the shiny glass body, and what’s even better on this affordable phone is the superb performance and the outstanding camera. Huawei is clearly stepping up their game now.


HTC has unleashed one of their best flagship in years and worthy of being in the top 5 of 2017 best overall rated phones. Said to be one of the innovative smartphone today, the HTC U11 comes with a squeezable body where you can squeeze the sides of the phone to do various tasks. On top of the nice little gimmick from this stylish looking phone, it also has one of the best audio quality, top-notch camera, with excellent performance that doesn’t drain the phone’s battery.


Sony has been out of the competition for a while now and their last “Triple A” phone was the Z3 series launched years ago. With the new Xperia XZ Premium, Sony seems to be back in the contention again as this handset is getting some great feedback from critics. Packed with fantastic specs, one of them surely be the innovative 4K HDR screen, and the beautiful signature design which haven’t changed much over the past years and yet it’s ironically been criticized on this matter.


The grand & glamorous phone is here, Samsung Galaxy S8. After the big failure of the Note 7, Samsung is eager to comeback stronger, and things are looking really good for this new flagship. The reviews from critics are marvelous and the overall rating has already soared high up taking the number 1 spot of 2017 phones. Galaxy S7 & S7 plus were the top phones of 2016, and will it end up the same for S8 & S8+? Be on a look out for the other rival phones’ rankings.



Surprises of 2016 are not over yet. As we’ve already know the S7 pair are the best phones and OnePlus 3/3T are right behind them in the rankings. Now we have Lenovo P2 up in the pack with an overall rating of 90%+, getting great praises from critics around the world. With a phenomenal battery life, Lenovo managed to squeeze 5100 mAh Li-Ion battery into the P2. Not to mention the superb screen which comes in an affordable price, well done Lenovo.


The annual Mobile World Congress event had just announced the winners from various categories of global mobile awards. One of them being the best phone of the year 2016, and the award goes to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge! Shocked? Not really. As you can see from the overall critics rating of both S7 and S7 edge are over 93%, making them one of the highest rated handsets ever. It is evident to say that the S7 Edge deserves to be the best phone of 2016.


It is time to have a look at the complete list of the 2016’s top rated phones from critics. As expected, coming in number 1 is Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge with a phenomenal score of 93.45%. Followed by Galaxy S7 and the surprise of the year OnePlus 3 in the 2nd & 3rd rank respectively. iPhone 7 Plus is at the 5th place and as for the Note 7, before the explosion issues were discovered, initial ratings has put it at the 6th place. Is your favorite 2016 phone in the top 20 rank?


OnePlus 3 is one of the best phone of 2016, the surprise of the year, in fact the reviews took the phone to the top 3 position of the overall ratings from expert critics. A newer version of the phone is now released, OnePlus 3T, with some tweaks here and there making the 3T rating instantly at par with the OnePlus 3, if not better. This lesser known Chinese brand is not to be underestimated no more, and they are creeping up bit by bit to match the other big fellas in the smartphone world.

It is just a matter of time that Google, as many anticipated, be releasing their fully official phone; and so they did, launched their first ever phone in October 2016. Named Google Pixel & Pixel XL, the handset has a smooth performance and sleek camera, but those aren’t enough to compete with other flagships. No waterproof, expandable storage, plus it’s too expensive and lack of innovation, the ratings of Pixel is now par with iPhone 7. Maybe Google is keeping the good stuff for later? Maybe.


Apple iPhone 7 is here! And it should be the best iPhone ever, right? Not likely, as many ratings from high profile critic’s reviews are in but the results are not as great as many would expect. iPhone has always been a great phone and expectations are high every time new ones are released. So far many of the iPhone 7 reviews have shown the major disappointments in the lack of headphone jack, unchanged design, uninspiring home button and few other cons has caused the phone to still be behind other rival phones.


Samsung ain’t done yet. They are already dominating the world with S7 and S7 Edge being 1st & 2nd of the top overall rated phones 2016 from critics. And now, yes you guessed it, coming in 3rd is Samsung Galaxy Note 7, just behind the S flagships only because it is a bit too expensive and it’s speed that could be faster. Never the less, this fantastic device is packed with all the features and superb phone specs, not to mention the S-Pen that enables lots of fancy stuff you can do with the phone. Well done Samsung.


Not many phone’s overall rating reach the 90% mark. We’d see the usual Samsung, HTC, iPhone, Sony flagship etc… up on the top of the chart. But OnePlus? Surely many are still not familiar with the brand and never thought it’d be that good. This Chinese phone brand now launches their 3rd flagship, the OnePlus 3, and it has already passed the 90% rating (don’t forget this is an aggregated score from expert critics around the web). Check out the reviews for yourself to see why this is one of the best phone ever.

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