Top Overall Rated Phones 2016

RankChangePhoneOverall RatingTotal Expert ReviewReleased
1-Samsung Galaxy S7 top20
Samsung Galaxy S7
2-Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge top20
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
OnePlus 3T
4-Lenovo P290.38%13Nov-2016
5-OnePlus 390.23%35Jun-2016
6-Apple iPhone 7 Plus88.47%32Sep-2016
7-Samsung Galaxy Note 787.80%30Sep-2016
8-Samsung Galaxy S7 active87.45%11Jun-2016
9-HTC 1086.83%42May-2016
10-Google Pixel XL86.81%32Oct-2016
11- Apple iPhone SE86.43%35Mar-2016
12-Apple iPhone 784.91%34Sep-2016
13-Xiaomi Mi 584.73%11Apr-2016
14-Google Pixel84.72%29Oct-2016
15-Motorola Moto Z Force84.46%13Sep-2016
16-Motorola Moto G482.70%27May-2016
17- LG G582.43%40Apr-2016
18-Huawei Mate 982.39%33Nov-2016
19-Motorola Moto Z Play81.79%19Sep-2016
20-Huawei Honor 5c81.62%13May-2016

– The list shows the ranking of Top 20 rated phones of 2015.
РRatings shown are compiled & aggregated average ratings review from Experts / Critics (not from Users/Voters).
– A Phone must have at least 10 reviews to be in the list.
– Sites with multiple reviews of same phone but different carrier, the highest rating will be counted.